hi sugarpeas! I’m during doing a uni assignment that requires me to interview people as part of an ethnographic study. the research project is centred around the vegan instagram community, so I’m looking for people who are:

I know this is a huge ask but if any of you are willing to help out it would be absolutely amazing! if you’re interested please send me a message off anon and I can send you more details.


I actually think about this all the time (the idea, not the bird/picture) and wish I would stop doing this arrrgh
Med school has been great for teaching me how to be empathetic without talking about myself (before, I thought saying e.g. “that happened to me too” was helpful)
Workin’ on it


jessica lange is hotter than me and she’s 64

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Anonymous said: obsessed with your turtleneck! where did you get it?

The black chunky one is from American Apparel! So comfy.

Anonymous said: My hair is similar to yours length and color wise but soo flat all the time. Is yours naturally so gorgeous and full of body or do you do something special to it? (ily btw)

My hair is naturally full of volume (secrets). The texture means it’s pretty fluffy, so I usually straighten it and then use a curling wand at the ends. I am also a big fan of dry shampoo which is good for adding texture at the roots and hiding just how long I go without washing my hair.