Anonymous said: Hey Kelly, I am 21 and going to be a PE student teacher in the spring. All of the sudden I am not sure I want to teach PE.... Or teach at all. Do you ever feel this way about stuff? How do you handle it?!

I think everyone feels this way about things sometimes. shifting chapters in your like can be scary, and it’s really normal to start doubting yourself when you’ve been working for something for so long and almost have it. I think it can be nice to remember that you don’t have to stay in one job for your whole life, and most people end up in their jobs completely by accident. I’m not sure if I want to work in PR for the rest of my life but I do know it will be a stepping stone to help me figure it out. sometimes you have to try a thousand things to find one that fits.

the really great thing about jobs is you aren’t expected to stay in one for forty years anymore. see where things take you (and congrats on graduating soon!)

Anonymous said: If you don't mind answering, what brand are your glasses frames? I absolutely love them! I just found out I have to get glasses, and I was worried Id look dumb...but I felt better seeing how cute yours were! :)

they’re kate sylvester and I do love them quite a lot! there are plenty of brands of cute glasses out there, most optometrists have some pretty nice ones. you just have to try on a ton and figure out what shapes suit your face. oscar wylee do some really nice and very affordable frames as well.

don’t worry about glasses at all though! the best thing is that you’ll be able to see properly with them (and everyone thinks you’re suddenly smarter).

Anonymous said: Hi kelly! how do you cope with working and uni at the same time? don't you need the weekends to revise or do you not have much to revise after lectures? how many modules are you taking each semester? in my country, we have 5 modules each semester and it always feels like i have so much to get done each day. thanks for answering! :)

it can be a bit of a struggle, definitely! I also intern one day a week on top of everything which means I rarely have a full day off. I do three units a semester, and my classes don’t have a lot of contact hours which means I do have the rest of the day off for studying. a lot of the time I study at night, or in the morning before I head off to uni/work. if things are super busy I’ll bring in readings to do on my lunch breaks.

my friends who have uni five days a week do find it harder to work though, since courses like med science have a lot of contact hours. working can be tricky to fit in with studying but I’ve always had a job since I was fourteen so it’s something I’m pretty used to now!

Anonymous said: Your hair is gorgeous! I have to ask-what is your hair routine, and what products do you use?

I just dyed my hair blonde a couple of weeks ago so I’ve actually changed over a lot of things to suit that. I wash my hair about once a week using the bumble & bumble invisible oil shampoo + conditioner, then follow that up with 6-8 pumps of the invisible oil on the ends of towel dried hair. after that I pop in a bit of the living proof anti-frizz cream and let it air dry. before straightening I use living proof’s hair primer and post styling about 1-2 pumps of the invisible oil again on my ends and to smooth down any frizzy bits. when I curl my hair I use the bumble & bumble does it all spray before + after, then tousle it out. in between washes I am quite dedicated to my klorane dry shampoo! I sleep with my hair in a braid which seems to be much better for it in terms of breakage.

it sounds like a lot when it’s all written out like this but on most days it’s just a bit of dry shampoo, a quick straighten of any puffy bits and some invisible oil.

me: "*owns 264 unread books* "
me: "*buys 17 new books* "
me: "*rereads harry potter*"

me in 90% of situations