Anonymous said: Hi Kelly! Do you have any cool skin-care product recommendations? (I'm a guy and I'm absolutely clueless, haha)

I’d definitely recommend a simple three step routine, with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser! If you have normal skin (ie. no acne/dryness) then look for a non-foaming cleanser, alcohol free toner (aloe based is excellent) and an emollient moisturiser. I always rec Mario Badescu (Enzyme Cleansing Gel + Buttermilk moisturiser = excellent) for guys because it’s quite inexpensive and easy to use and smells nice, but Kiehls is really popular too. I would probs stay away from Clinique as a lot of their products can be quite harsh unless you know what you’re looking for.

The most important things are 1. no bar soap on your face, 2. moisturise, and 3. use an SPF. Shaving can be rly irritating so be kind to your skin and use moisturiser! Even QV. Just something.

Anonymous said: Hi!! I was wondering if you use Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner? If you do, how do you find it? My hair is wavy, dry and frizzy. I do want to use products that are more natural because I have alopecia in the family. Are they natural based?

I do! I use the invisible oil range, which I adore. It’s not natural, but it is sulphate free and packed full of lovely hydrating oils. If you’re looking for a natural range Organic Care is quite nice! The only thing with natural hair care is that, a lot of the time, they just use naturally derived ingredients which is exactly what a lot of the normal ranges use - most cosmetics ingredients are derived from plants at one stage or another. I would suggest checking with you doctor what ingredients they recommend you steer away from.

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hey chickpeas, I’m currently in the midst of planning a lil three week trip off to Europe for next year in July. currently on the itinerary is London, Paris, Amsterdam and Turkey - do any of you have recommendations/suggestions about travelling to these places? would you even suggest limiting it down to three places so as not to pass out from exhaustion?